Camp KweebecDaily Life

Eat, Sleep, Live, and Love Every Day of your summer.

Talented staff, an unmatched medical team, delicious food, beautiful cabins, and lots of personalized attention, are just a few of the things that make it easy for Kweebec campers to focus on the important things at camp. Things like Having Fun, Making Friends, & Creating Incredible Memories!

There is a reason that Kweebecers refer to camp as their second home, and that is because it's true! From our big-pal, little-pal / big-sis, little-sis programs and weekly campfires, to our song filled dining room and decades of tradition, Camp Kweebec is a tight-knit community unike any other.

Camp KweebecStaff

Kweebec’s Counselor Staff consists of young men and women of college age who have a sincere desire and commitment to working with children. Many of our current staff were actually campers themselves at Kweebec.

Each year we interview both new and returning staff members to ensure that they still meet our standards. This personal touch carries over to our large adult supervisory staff that works daily with counselors and campers. Our supervisors give individual care and attention to each child. They are highly experienced in dealing with the interests and concerns of children and are adept at providing effective leadership and direction to the counselor staff. Supervisors work directly with Kweebec’s Directors and our skilled Head Counselors.

A counselor camper ratio of 1-3 is maintained to insure close individual care.

Camp KweebecHealth & Welfare

Medical Care

A resident physician and two registered nurses work directly under the supervision (of owner and Pediatrician) Dr. Maddy. Our fully-equipped and air-conditioned health center is available 24 hours a day. Parents--don’t worry! If you child needs to stay overnight in our health center for any reason we will call you!

Food & Nutrition

Only the finest and freshest food is served at Camp Kweebec. All food is “home cooked” by our staff of experienced chefs. In fact, this summer marks our head chef’s 35th year with us!

At Kweebec baking and cooking is done daily on the premises. Meals are served buffet style and are well balanced; offering a huge salad bar and a large selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts. An alternative table consisting of low fat and non-fat choices is available everyday. We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to our campers.

Our Cabins

Want to sleep on a top bunk? Near a counselor? How about in the middle, on the left side of the cabin, next to window? No problem! We understand just how important it is that every camper feel comfortable, happy and safe in their bunks, and we take extra care to ensure that they do.

All of Kweebec's cabins have undergone renovations within the past 2 years, and our talented groundskeeping staff, led by Facility Manager Tom Mazzenga, works tirelessly to keep them beautiful. Each cabin at Kweebec features a spacious living area with comfy beds, personal clothes storage, and modern bathrooms complete with individual showers, sinks and extra private toilet areas.

The Kweebec Way

The “Kweebec Way” consists of a set of common sense guidelines that every member of the Kweebec community follows. These guidelines include respecting the feelings of others, use of appropriate behavior and language, respect for personal property and safety, the practice of good sportsmanship, and health and cleanliness.

The “Kweebec Way” is first defined by Les and Maddy and then Kweebec's supervisory and adult staff members. Later it is added to by the counselors and the campers in each bunk.

At the start of each summer campers and counselors develop their own “Kweebec Way” for their specific bunk. Although there are themes (such as trying your best and having fun) that are a part of every bunk’s way, each bunk’s final version is unique. When the bunk ways are completed each camper and counselor in the bunk signs it, and it is put on a poster that hangs in their bunk.

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program

Camp Kweebec Program